LMC Express provides Multi Temperature Load Consolidation of palletised consignments from a single pallet or more to the major cities in South Africa. Our transport service includes the following routes:

  • From Cape Town to Johannesburg, Durban and the Eastern Cape
  • From Johannesburg to Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth
  • From Durban to Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Eastern Cape

  • Please view our running days on the various routes on the Running Days & Routes page.

    We offer chilled, frozen and dry (insulated) temperature environments for consignments.

    Our most popular route is between Cape Town and Johannesburg which we service four (4) times per week. Customers can choose the service they may prefer from the following selection:

  • Customer to Customer
  • Customer to Depot or Depot to Customer
  • Depot to Depot

  • *Please note that ‘Depot’ refers to the LMC Express Depot.

    When choosing a Depot Service for collection, delivery or both, a discounted rate will be applicable to the customer.

    Transport/ Inquiries

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    Half Pallet Service:

    LMC Express Half (½) Pallet Service is available for chilled, frozen and dry (insulated) goods on all routes we currently service under the following conditions and pallet specifications:-

  • Maximum weight allowed: 450 kilograms. Half Pallet weight may not exceed 450 kilograms
  • Maximum height allowed: 90 cm / 900 mm
  • Pallet dimensions should be 1 m x 1.2 m
  • Pallet should be a four-way entry pallet and may not have an over-hang
  • Pallet should be shrink-wrapped and labelled
  • Please note that we do not offer a half pallet service for delivery to and / or collection from Distribution Centres

  • Please ensure strong packaging to protect your valuable product.

    Please note that the half pallet service is available to customers who require sending smaller consignments than one (1) full pallet. For example, the service is not available to customers to send one and a half pallets.

    Parcel Service:

    Parcel service is only available from Depot to Depot (i.e. from LMC Express Depot to LMC Express Depot) for chilled, frozen and dry (insulated) goods on the routes between Johannesburg and Cape Town; Cape Town and Durban; Johannesburg and Durban:

  • LMC Express is supplying customized and personalized boxes to protect your valuable product
  • Maximum weight allowed per customized box: 25 kilograms
  • Please ensure that your product is packed tightly inside the parcel box to prevent the box from sagging thus causing damages

  • Refer LMC Express Standard Terms and Conditions.

    Insurance Service Provider:


    Click here for our Terms and Conditions and our PAIA Manual

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